ahoy there mate. welcome to my world. swirling thoughts, incomplete dreams, symbolic nightmares and haunting voices. just another day in my mind.
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[ diary entry #115 ] home sweet home.

Dear Diary,

I’m back at Hogwarts now! I’ve missed the castle so much, you don’t even know. As much as I love the sea and all the rum, I love magic more. 

Guess what? I’m an assistant professor now! I’m teaching Pirates Studies and guess what, Defence against of Dark Arts! Well, I still need to practice my magic more for DADA but ah well. Jolly Merlin, this year is going to be bloody wicked! 

Though it’s bit lonely without my yearmates. Guess that can’t be helped. 

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[ diary entry #112 ] graduation.

Dear Diary,

I finally graduated! Can’t believe it really, considering how much time I’ve spent on skipping classes and pulling pranks instead. But then, I am a natural genius, (/insert cackle here). Not looking forward to the N.E.W.Ts results, but alas, what can I do? Oh, I suppose I could feed the owls from the Ministry to those Giant Squids… Actually, that sounds like a wicked idea. Yeah, I’ll burn the certificate once I finish skim reading it. Yup.

Man, it’s been an adventure-filled year. Met a couple of good kids, pity that most of them are graduates like me now. (/sigh) Insomnia still not cured but hey, can’t do anything about it. 

Anyways, I ought to resume packing for my summer adventure - deck training! Sounds fun, no? Lies, I tell you, lies. Squabbling, mopping, ugh. Though I am certainly looking forward to the rum. And the gold, of course. 

I’ll be back in Hogwarts around mid-August, I think. Depends whether I’d heal quickly. No doubt the other Sparrows are going to ask for duels. (/le sigh) So the next time I walk through the Grand Entrance, I’d be a professor by then. Shit man. No more pranks. Oh wait, who said professors couldn’t pull pranks? Oh Merlin, this is even better! I can pull pranks and not get house points taken off Slytherin! 

For now, I’m thinking of teaching Pirates Studies. Might pick up another subject if I feel like it. (/nods) 

Oh shit, a fucking Howler from Uncle Jackass. Lee Minki out.

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Vampires . . they can do magic right?

But I’m curious. Are their magical abilities much better than ours? I mean, Remus Lupin was a werewolf but he could do magic perfectly. 

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memory #32427 

Minki yawned and looked at the old man in the eyes with clear disinterest. He merely nodded along as the headmaster informed him about the new school that he’d be transferring to. The boy tuned the voice out as he glanced around the office for the last time. 

“Lee Minki! Are you listening?” At this he averted his attention back towards the old man, tilting his head with feigned innocence. “Headmaster, are you done lecturing?” He shot back, replicating the tone the man opposite of him had just used. “If you are, I’ll gladly take my leave,” he said, flashing a smile as he rose. Ignoring the old man’s angry protests, he started to head towards the exit. Stopping just infront of the door as an idea crossed his head. He turned around before saying with a cheeky smile, “Headmaster, saranghaeyo!” and made a heart with his arms before disapparating. 

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1.) Describe your character’s relationship with their mother or their father, or both. Was it good? Bad? Were they spoiled rotten, ignored? Do they still get along now, or no?

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